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Solutions for Engineering Electromagnetics by William H. Hayt

ISBN-10: 0072551666

Chapter 1: Vector AnalysisEdit

Chapter 2: Coulomb’s Law And Electric Field IntensityEdit

Chapter 3: Electric Flux DensityEdit

Chapter 4: Energy And PotentialEdit

Chapter 5: Conductors, Dielectrics And CapacitanceEdit

Chapter 6: Experimental Mapping MethodsEdit

Chapter 7: Poisson's And Laplace's EquationsEdit

Chapter 8: The Steady Magnetic FieldEdit

Chapter 9: Magnetic Forces, Materials And InductanceEdit

Chapter 10: Time Varying Fields And Maxwell's EquationsEdit

Chapter 11: The Uniform Plane WaveEdit

Chapter 12: Plane Waves At Boundaries And In Dispersive MediaEdit

Chapter 13: Transmission LinesEdit

Chapter 14: Waveguides And Antenna FundamentalsEdit